Month: November 2016

Golf Equipment: Come to the Game Well-prepared

Every golfer, even non-golfers, know at least two pieces of golf equipment, the golf ball and the golf club. There are however a lot more golf equipment that a typical golfer needs in order to ensure that they are well prepared for a game. The Golf Bag This is where the golf clubs, and other golf equipment, are put in. These are usually made of nylon, canvas, or leather, and have several pockets at the side. There are generally four types of golf bags, depending on the purpose of the owner. The most common golf bag is the caddy bags. These are lightweight bags made to be carried around the course while playing. There are two kinds of caddy bags. The first is the Sunday bags or the minimalist carry bags. These could be folded for storage when empty but lack more advanced features like ...

Reasons for Investing in a Motivational Speaker

Modern business owners are so caught up in technological upgrades that they tend to neglect the emotional satisfaction of their employees. Workers often feel unimportant because machines have replaced their jobs. Studies show that high-tech companies tend to lose more employees per month than companies that established personal connections with their people. In order to turn the situation around, most companies would choose to hire a motivational speaker. However, contrary to popular belief, motivational speakers aren’t only needed to fix a looming internal uprising. In fact, hiring a presenter on a regular basis can prevent such situations. If you wish to hire a speaker, here are some of the reasons that will make your decision worth it: Motivational speakers can be a company mentor