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The Effect of Digital Technology in the Music Industry


Though digital technology experienced bad effects on the audio industry, new apparatus appeared and helped the music industry. Today, the industry is stimulated, because of its competition created by Spotify or even SoundCloud which enables to produce music and protect copyrights at no cost or at a really low price.

One of the biggest challenges to the music industry was supposed to take care of the invention of the MP3 file. The MP3 file empowers individuals to save records on computers and share music together with anyone on earth.
In conclusion, the electronic technology has changed greatly on the audio industry and given the tremendous contribution to the market, we are able to deduce amidst its own downsides that the electronic technology has made music accessible into the people at the grass roots at little if any cost thus making them have accessibility to music at any day and at any time.
On April 28, 2003, Apple released the I tunes store. The iTunes store which has more than 500 million users in 119 countries has over 25 million songs. Nowadays, artists make the majority of their money by selling and touring music on I tunes.
A-sides this, YouTube that is the next most visited website in the world behind Google and face book houses 100 hrs of video every minute. Some of the significant fact to remember is that YouTube is paying artists and music labels. In addition, we possess other stations like Vevo.
Also, we have the singer Micheal Joseph Jackson, also a song writer, dancer, who was clearly one of the most popular entertainers in the world and has been the best-selling music artist during the season of his passing. He had been born in August 29, 1958.
Prominent among whom is Celine Dion, an Canadian Singer who had been born 30th March 1968 to a massive family from Charlemagne, Quebec. She gained international fame in the 1980s by winning the 1982 Yamaha world popular song festival and also the 1988 Eurovision song contest where she symbolized Switzerland. She published several English records along with other French albums.

Celine Dion


The growth of downloads and exchange of music are held responsible for the decrease of music earnings since the ending of the 90s. Communication and information technologies, and the world wide web, changed the logic of consumption and also the practice of producing music.

They inspire young and up coming artists on the rudiment of music and on the should see music as not just a career but as something to alleviate the body from stress and to liven the soul. The entertainment industry the caught the mind of their people by boosting arts and culture and then lifestyle.

Nowadays with the influx of many artists and with modernization, entertainment have taken a fresh measurement with more of this cinema, open shows, mall entertainment, entertainment parks at which notable musicians excitement large crowd to delectable fun. It has become more of rivalry nowadays together with all artists Attempting to stay up to anticipation to Be Able to capture substantial audience compared to that of those olden days at which rivalry is at its smallest as artists pushes and instills more of moral in mind of this crowd
Now, teenagers are residing constantly bombarded by technology even if younger generation might not see it, technology has had an effect on the world as a whole. The widespread usage of digital technology in the audio market has allowed users to replicate digital versions of copyrighted song inexpensively with the assistance of many websites and software.
Micheal Jackson

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